Underground Bunker
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Syphon Filter 3

Oakton Compound, Western Montana: Underground Bunkers


Militia Compound


Senate Building


Teresa Lipan


1. Meet Debbie Oakton in Bunkers

2. Locate Emergency Medical Kit

3. Prevent Premature Birth of Debbie Oakton's Child

4. Lead Oakton Family Out of Caves


1. Protect Oakton Family


National Security Agency operatives

Silenced 9mm


Silenced HK-5





Silenced Sniper Rifle





Oakton Compound, Western Montana

Underground Bunkers

Teresa's Testimony from the Congressional Record

"Getting Oakton's family to trust me was tough, but I knew that the only way to get them off that mountain safely was through their underground bunker system.  A lot of those survivalist compounds had been built right over the top of old mines, giving them access to a network of hidden tunnels."

"I had always thought the Oaktons were more paranoid than most because they had created an entire compound down there.  Looking back, I guess it wasn't so paranoid.  It was hidden pretty well, but the NSA hitsquads were coming fast, and I not only didn't know the way, but had a pregnant woman in tow, and she wasn't moving all that fast."


Follow Dusty down the tunnel, when he stops to plant something immediately go past him because he is setting explosives which will go off when he's done.  After that, follow him down until he stops so you can get some supplies, there is a Falcon on the green-lit cave on your left.  Go back to where Dusty is and go down the cave to the right, there are four NSA agents here so take them all out.  Follow Dusty down until he stops in an extremely dark cave, take out the two NSA agents that appear and he'll give you some night-vision googles to help you see.  Take the M-79 in the box on your left and follow Dusty down some more tunnels until you get to a spiral ramp-like structure, shoot the two NSA agents in here and continue on.  You'll get to an underground room with two more agents, kill them both and pick up the Flak Jacket in the box on the right.  Afterwards, follow Dusty to the room where Debbie is.

Exit the room where the Oaktons are, facing away from the tunnel that leads to the room turn left and enter the first left corridor, you should be in a room with computers.  Exit it through the tunnel on the right, turn right and head down the very last tunnel on the right, (it should lead down).  You'll see two grey doors, press Action to kick them open and the First-Aid kit is on the left. Return to the Oaktons taking out all NSA agents you run into.

Protect Debbie, ignore Dusty since it's Debbie you want to protect.  Follow her as she walks and take out any NSA agent daring enough to attack, soon she will enter an elevator and all three of you will ride down a level.  Follow Dusty, since he will attack with you, to clear the path ahead of any NSA agents and eventually you'll get to a conference room.  Dusty will set-up some charges and two more agents will run through the doorway, kill them both and Dusty will set off the charges, escape through the secret path he opens to finish the mission.

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