Zivmovic forces have been occupying an abandoned weapons plant for the past three weeks. But they're not alone. Here.
Red Section.
You got it. UN peacekeepers are preparing to strike. But I'm guessing they don't know what they're getting into.

The United Nations Assault on Tuzla Munitions was an attack on a weapons facility in Vogosca, Bosnia by United States 32nd Command, attempting to strike at Zivmovic Prijateljstvo forces, the latter of whom were supported by Red Section. Gabe Logan decided to investigate the connection between RS and ZP; he used the UN's insertion to cover his own infiltration into the area.

The confrontation was significant, involving massive amounts of casualties from both sides. Although Gabe Logan himself survived, most of the UN forces did not, including Pvt. Janzen and a wounded soldier, making this a tactical failure for the IPCA and a hollow victory for the US military. On the other hand, Red Section suffered innumerable losses but still won via their unique strategy. ZP forces were mostly killed during the fight; the survivors were presumably disbanded following their retreat from the area.


Addison Hargrove's evasion

Gabe Logan's investigation

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