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Hello! I am an editor willing to contribute to this wiki, and I will make new edits often. I have all of the Syphon Filter games, except Logan's Shadow, mainly because it's a PSP-only edition. I can't create new wiki templates so that's mostly what I'll be needing help around with.

I'm also good with semantics and I will assist in the most with correcting smaller grammar flaws to make the articles' style more wikilike. I'm not a grammar nazi, don't worry about it, i'll just make small editions so the text looks nicer.


Teresa's mission. Excess data:

A comrade of hers, ATF agent Demarco was pinned down by a number of survivalists, which she had to dispatch in order to rescue him. Whilst planting a homing beacon on the powerlines and afterwords arriving at the satelite crash site, where she meets Logan for the first time.

Logan warns her that the men in black are not FBI but NSA, and that they have orders only to retrieve the satellite data and kill the Oaktons. Teresa was advised by Logan to leave the area, however she decides to stay and investigate further. She had to remove the tracking beacon from the telephone pole.

She later then infiltrated the Oakton militia compound, where she learned that the whole extermination operation is being run by a man named Silvers, and continues to fend off the men in black until she learns from two of the locals, Uriah and Peter, where the satellite data disc is and where ATF agent Kelly is being held. She overheard Silvers talking about the location of the data disc and placed a tracking device on him, eventually learning of the disc's location with logan. She proceeded into the Militia Bunker where she meets Dusty Oakton, who leads her through the tunnel complex and into the bunkers, where she fights off the last of the threatening NSA men and helps the pregnant Mrs. Oakton and Dusty escape with the help of Logan.


SF 1, 2, 3 Description

Fire Rate IIII Damage III Clip Size 30 Max Rounds 180

This weapon is lightweight, accurate, and has very low recoil. The preeminent assault rifle in the world, it was developed by the US Army in 1965, and has since become a mainstray for armed forces, police, and personal defense enthusiasts.


Fire Rate III Damage II Clip Size 15 Max Rounds 90

The 9mm Handgun is the standard issue sidearm for NATO and all five branches of the US Armed Forces since passing the 1979 MRBF (Mean Rounds Before operational Failure) performance test, expending 35000 rounds, six times the pistol's service life.