Tricky Wiki

aka Not tellin'

  • I live in Nowhere
  • I was born on December 29
  • My occupation is Idle Uni Student
  • I am Male


Yo! Trying to bring one of my fave PS1 games' wiki up and running! I'm sorry for some of the big changes around the wiki, but with no one really working around, no harm no foul right? Anywho tell your friends about this wiki and tell them to help. (if they're experienced of course)

My favorite pages

  • Jonathan Phagan: My first big-scale page, the page i created first and the one I've edited the most.
  • Jason Chance: I just feel satisfied with this one
  • Taser: First ever page I edited on this wiki or any other...

My recent activity

Sorry for doing so much changing around, especially with the primitive way of doing it... I'm not very experienced with computers, but I've been studying. I've been idle for about a 2 weeks on this wiki simply because I've been busy and because I'm simply out of knowledge... also I've been trying to search for someone to try and spruce this wiki up... well until next time...

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