The weapons used in Syphon Filter: Combat Ops are as follows.

General Overview

Although multiplayer modes have existed in the previous Syphon Filter games, this title is so far the only game that solely contains multiplayer activities, in other words, it has no storyline whatsoever. Players can select five different slots, a convention first started in The Omega Strain.

  • Special - this is a unique weapon. All players will ONLY have the choice of a sniper rifle that can fire regular bullets as well as 'darts' that can be triggered to fire at any point.
  • Back - this contains assault rifles, carbines, machine guns, shotguns, launchers, sniper weaponry etc, and therefore has the largest quantity of options available.
  • Sidearm - this is obviously a pistol category
  • Auxiliary - referring to submachine guns, and short rifles or certain carbines.
  • Grenade - explosives or other area denial weapons, such as smoke canisters, containers which have a gaseous agent etc

More options are available as a player ranks up. A default weapon all the participants of a match receive, regardless of rank or faction, is the long-range taser (EPDD) available from the original Syphon Filter, which made the franchise so infamous.


Heckler & Koch Mark 23 SD

As in the Logan's Shadow multiplayer, the standard weapon of Gabe Logan can be used by everyone.

SFCO Mark 23 SD Screen

Fabrique Nationale Five-seveN

The SP-57 is based on the Dark Mirror model with an incorrect magazine capacity of 10 bullets instead of 20 bullets.

SFCO SP-57 Screen

Makarov PM

The Russian pistol appear once again. Unlike the previous appearances it has a 12-round magazine instead one of 8 bullets. It uses a Russian caliber, the 9x18 Makarov.

SFCO Makarov Screen

Desert Eagle Mark XIX

The Desert Eagle has two different calibers: the .357 Magnum and the .50 Action Express.

SFCO Sniper .357 Screen
SFCO Express .50 Screen

Heckler & Koch MP7

The weapon was available in Dark Mirror, where it could be dual wielded. However, this ability has been lost.

SFCO MDS-7 Screen

Sawed-Off Pistol

SFCO Sawed-Off Pistol Screen

Glock G-17

SFCO G-17 Screen


The fictional reproduction of the TEC-9 appears again in Combat Ops. It is equal in every aspect to the one seen in the Dark Mirror multiplayer, 20 bullets per magazine and less damage, but can be dual wielded.

SFCO Ripper Screen

Submachine Guns

Ingram Military Armament Corporation (MAC)-10

SFCO MAK-10 9mm Screen

SITES Spectre M4

As the first appearance in Omega Strain, is called just Spectre.

SFCO Spectre Screen


Called UG9 in the European release of the game, appear in Combat Ops.

SFCO Uzi Screen

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

SFCO MDS A3 Screen


Daewoo USAS-12

SFCO USAS-12 Screen

Mossberg 500 Mariner Cruiser

The classic shotgun appeared in every game. It was called Shot Defender from Omega Strain and makes an appearance again.

SFCO Shot Defender Screen

SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper

SFCO Sweeper 12 Screen


The SPA-12 returns in Combat Ops and still isn't a Franchi SPAS-12. It is also not Browing Over and Under shotgun, but rather is a TOZ-34.

SFCO SPA-12 Screen

Sawed-Off Shotgun

This exclusive weapon to the multiplayer of Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow returns also in this multiplayer-exclusive title. It is better than the Sawed-Off Pistol, but is an auxiliary weapon, so can't be dual wielded.

SFCO Sawed-Off Shotgun Screen


Shoulder-launched Multi Purpose Assault Weapon (SMAW)

Unlike Dark Mirror single player appearance the SMAW can used by any player.


Milkor Multi Grenade Launcher (MGL) Mk

The MGL has a 4 grenades-per-cylinder capacity, so you can't have a fully loaded MGL once again.



Using the model of Omega Strain, this is actually a true M79.

SFCO M79 Screen

Smoke Launcher

SFCO Smoke Launcher Screen

Assault Rifles

Galil AR

This 25 rounds rifle appears again.

SFCO Galil AR Screen

Norinco Type 56

Called the Chinese Type 56, this is the Chinese reproduction of the Russian AK-47, with an increased magazine capacity and wood style parts, as seen in previous Syphon Filter games from Omega Strain.

SFCO Chinese Type 56 Screen


This has a magazine capacity containing 25 rounds, and fires in single-shot or burst-fire.



The AK-47 appears in Combat Ops.

SFCO AK-47 Screen

Steyr Armee Universal Gewehr (AUG) HBAR

SFCO AU300 H-BAR Screen

Colt M16A2

SFCO M16A2 Screen


SFCO M16K Screen

Ramat / TripBar

SFCO Ramat Screen
SFCO TripBar Screen

Over Under

The Logan's Shadow new weapon appears also in Combat Ops. It is based on a Colt M16 that fires only in three round bursts and the M203 grenade launcher attached on the rifle fires grenades that explode on the impact. The weapon in-game mostly seems to resemble the M-16A2.

SFCO Over Under Screen

Sniper Rifles

SVD Dragunov

SFCO Dragunov SVD Screen

Barrett M82A1

SFCO M82 BFG Screen


SFCO MB-150 Screen

C8 Rifle

The Heckler and Koch MSG90 returns incorrectly referred to as the "C8 rifle" as was the case in The Omega Strain. It shares the same model as the "MB-150", but was infamous in TOS for having a 50-round drum magazine allowing it to be used at will as an assault or sniper instrument. Despite its callsign, it does not bear any relation whatsoever to the true Colt Canada C8.

SFCO C8 Rifle Screen

DSC-1 Thermal

The thermal version was fully usable in Omega Strain in the Minsk mission, like any other weapon of Omega Strain returns in the multiplayer mode of the later games and if a player found it will be helped by the thermal scope, due the lack of thermal googles.

SFCO DSC-1 Thermal Screen

Armalite AR-15

The AR-15 is the usable version of the Stone's Rifle present in Dark Mirror, as seen also in the multiplayer of Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow.

SFCO AR-15 Screen

Zastava SG-76

SFCO Stava SG-76 HBAR Screen

Heckler & Koch G3A3

SFCO 33 SC-1 Screen

Light Machine Guns

M60 / M60 E-3

SFCO M60 Screen
SFCO M60 E-3 Screen


M67 Fragmentation Grenade

The fragmentation grenade is always appeared in the series and the M67 is a delayed explosion grenade. It explode after three seconds when launched.

SFCO M67 Grenade Screen

Laser Mine

SFCO Laser Mine Screen

Electric Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Grenade

SFCO EMP Grenade Screen

Anti-Personnel Mine

SFCO Anti-personnel Mine Screen

Claymore Mine

SFCO Claymore Mine Screen

Claymore Mine Trigger

SFCO Claymore Mine Trigger Screen

X34 Nerve Agent

SFCO X34 Nerve Agent Screen

Smoke Grenade

SFCO Smoke Grenade Screen

Flashbang Grenade

SFCO Flashbang Grenade Screen

M61 Fragmentation Grenade

SFCO M61 Grenade Screen

Incendiary Grenade

SFCO Incendiary Grenade Screen

Bouncing Betty Mine

SFCO Bouncing Betty Mine Screen

Sticky Mine

SFCO Sticky Mine Screen



SFCO Flame Thrower Screen







Underwater Weapons

SG-10 Bolt Pistol

SFCO SG-10 Bolt Pistol Screen

SG-75 Bolt Gun

SFCO SG-75 Bolt Gun Screen

RD-9 Speargun

SFCO RD-9 Speargun Screen

Gadgets and Equipment

Night Vision googles (NV)

SFCO NV Goggles Screen

Electronic Device Sensing Utility (EDSU)

SFCO EDSU Goggles Screen

Personal Illumination Device (PID)


Rapid Trasversal Line (RTL) 


Agency Zip Line (AZL)


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