Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is a third-person shooter/stealth video game developed by SCE Bend Studioand published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2. It is the fifth game in the Syphon Filter series.

The weapons used in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror are as follows.

General overview

As with the trilogy and unlike the previous game, the gameplay is a return to the series roots. Players resume the role of Gabe Logan and occasionally Lian Xing, special operatives for a secret government agency. The non-linear, open-ended feel of the previous game has been reverted to the linear gameplay. Several types of rifles and visors are introduced. Players can now hide against walls and shoot around corners. However, the roll ability is noticeably absent.

Following the convention introduced in The Omega Strain, weapons are now divided into five distinct categories.

  • Back: this consists of various long arms, including rifles, machine guns, launchers, carbines, shotguns and similar firearms.
  • Sidearm: this is made up of pistols and automatic handguns, some of which are automatically suppressed by default and cannot be un-silenced.
  • Auxiliary: this list is that of personal defense weapons.
  • Grenades: explosives.
  • Special: there is only ever one choice in this, that being the "MB-150", a sniper rifle that fires standard rounds as well as 'darts'that the player can trigger, with explosive, gas and electric darts usable.

Unlike The Omega Strain, the 'melee' category was removed, and players will now start every mission with a knife and the series-infamous taser, regardless of the mission's location. The EDT is the default taser, but is supplanted by the more powerful EPDD when the fourth Stealth Combat Specialist rating is achieved. All the weapons, regardless of category, cannot be dropped or otherwise removed from the player, a convention that also applies to the MB-150, but they can be swapped for different firearms in that distinct category - for example the player can exchange an M-16 for a Barrett M82 or swap out a CZ Mach 9 for a Mark 23. However, the MB-150 is scripted to be removed from the player twice in the game: once in Episode 6 Part 2 and again in Episode 8 Part 5.

Single Player


Heckler & Koch Mark 23 SD

​​​​​​The Heckler & Koch Mark 23 SD is Gabe's default pistol for every mission, as the TEC-9 is for Lian unless the player swapped it for a different weapon. With a threaded suppressor and a heavy-hitting .45 ACP round, it is the perfect tool for the silent soldier. It's also found in a crate in the Jimmy Zhou apartments. Called the Mark 23 SD in-game.

SFDM Mark 23 SD Screen

Israeli Military Industries Jerico 941R

The Jericho 941 returns in Dark Mirror. Also if the game model is actually the 9x19mm, in the game fires .41 Action Express. It is used by certain Peruvian Revolutionary War Council members in Episode 3, Part 1 as well as Zivmovic Prijateljstvo (Zivmovic Friendship) soldiers in Episode 4, Part 1 and 2. This weapon can be unlocked with the second Tactical Combat Specialist badge. Called the Jerico-41 in-game.

SFDM Jerico-41 Screen

Israeli Military Industries Jerico 941R Semi-Compact

What seems to be a general purpose Flare Gun is actually a Jericho 941 Semi-Compact. It can be unlocked and used. Interestingly, it set enemies aflame on the PSP; this counted as environment kills. The PS2 and Vita version both could not set victims afire seeing as the violence was reduced on both consoles.

SFDM Flare Gun Screen

Fabrique Nationale Five seveN

The Five-seveN from the previous game appears in Dark Mirror. It is referred to as the SP-57. Players have to beat the time in the first training to unlock it. For some reason in Dark Mirror the magazine capacity is reduced from 20 to 10, therefore decreasing its total ammunition count.

SFDM SP-57 Screen

Makarov PM

The Makarov is used by Red Section paramilitary men in Episode 1, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5, as well as Episode 2, Part 2. Can be unlocked in online mode.

SFDM Makarov Screen

Israeli Military Industries Desert Eagle Mark XIX

The Desert Eagle Mark XIX is available in .50 AE, .44 Magnum, and .357 Magnum, as it also was in The Omega Strain. The former, called the Desert Express .50, is seen used by Jimmy Zhou thugs inside the apartment complex, and can permanently be unlocked by completing every mission without being killed or failing any objectives.

SFDM Desert Express .50 Screen

The second can be acquired by earning the third Stealth Combat Specialist rating, and is a player-exclusive weapon. It has a suppressor, which cannot be seen in the game model. Called the Silenced .44 in-game.

SFDM Silenced .44 Screen

The last one can optionally be found in Episode 1 Part 5, Episode 5 Part 1, Episode 6 in both parts and Episode 7 Part 2. This one is designated the Desert Sniper .357.

SFDM Desert Sniper .357 Screen

Mara Aramov, assuming Stone does not kill her with stealth, will use one of these pistols in a boss fight and can somehow operate it in a rapid-fire fashion.

CZ 75 "Pre-B"

Used by enemies in Episode 4, Part 1 and 2. Can't be unlocked. Called the CZ Mach-9 in game.

SFDM CZ March-9 Screen

Intratec TEC-9

Lian Xing is automatically armed with an unsilenced TEC-9 automatic pistol for the missions where she is playable. Her version is a semi-automatic and single-shot capable. The silenced version of this weapon can be unlocked and used in gameplay, the latter also equipped with a fully automatic fire mode. The TEC-9 is named TEK-9 in the game.

SFDM TEK-9 Screen

The silenced version somehow has the suppressor missing; with the standard TEC-9 usable by Gabriel Logan in Episode 1, Part 4 and Episode 7, Part 3, in a crate. The former is called the TEK-9 Silenced.

SFDM TEK-9 Silenced Screen

Heckler & Koch MP7

The Heckler & Koch MP7 is used by Red Section soldiers during the KemSynth Petroleum incident. It can be dual wielded. As was the case in the previous game, it's called the MDS-7.

SFDM MDS-7 Screen

Sawed-Off Pistol

Gained by the player if one earns the first Survival Tactics Expert rating. Its cut-down barrel increases spread at close range but makes it utterly useless for long-range combat.

SFDM Sawed-Off Pistol Screen

Submachine Guns

MAK .45

The MAK .45 can be used in Episode 5 and Episode 6.

SFDM MAK-10 .45 ACP Screen

MAK 9mm

The 9mm version is used in Episode 2, Part 2 and 3.

SFDM MAK-10 9mm Screen

SITES Spectre M4

The SITES Spectre M4 is seen in the hands of Red Section personnel in all whole Episode 1, one part in Episode 2 and also in Jimmy Zhou's Army.

SFDM Spectre Screen

Israeli Military Industries Uzi

Called UG-9 in the European versions of game, is primarily used by Peruvian War Revolutionary Council soldiers in Episode 3. It is also kicked to Private Janzen in Episode 4 Part 2 - a factual error, since such a weapon would never be seen in this mission.

SFDM Uzi Screen

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

The Heckler & Koch MP5A3 is used by Zivmović Prijateljstvo soldiers in Episode 4. .

SFDM MDS A3 Screen

Heckler & Koch MP5A4

Unlocked by gaining the second Stealth Combat Specialist badge.

SFDM MDS A4 Silenced Screen

Heckler & Koch UMP .45

The UMP .45 is carried by Konigsberg security personnel and players can unlock it by beating Training 3 without wasting a shot. Strangely, this SMG is equipped with a sniper-type scope.

SFDM UNP .45 Screen

Fabrique Nationale Project 90 (P90)

Called SSP90 as in Omega Strain, is a unique weapon; its transparent magazine carries a total of 50 armour-piercing rounds that fire almost at rifle velocity. It is one of a few submachine guns to have more than 30 rounds per cartridge. It is seen only in the hands of veteran Red Section soldiers in Episode 6 and Episode 7. Can be unlocked with the first Combat Knife Specialist badge. Although the Five Seven also uses the same ammunition type, it is no longer able to supply the P90 with any more rounds, nor can the submachine gun supply the pistol with bullets, which was possible in The Omega Strain.

SFDM SSP 90 Screen


Benelli M1 Super 90

The Benelli M1 Super 90 is found in Episode 1, Part 1, 4 and 5. It is unlocked by the player if one destroys all the depleted uranium containers in Episode 4 Part 1.

SFDM M1 Super 90 Screen

Daewoo Precision Industries USAS-12 (Universal Sporting Automatic Shotgun)

One of the signature weapons of the Syphon Filter franchise, is the fully automatic assault shotgun, notable for being required to defeat Jason Chance and Erich Rhoemer (the latter in Syphon Filter 3), can be used by Lian Xing, sadly only for a section of Episode 2 Part 1. However, the player can also unlock it by gaining the first badge of the Tactical Combat Specialist rating.

SFDM USAS-12 Screen

Mossberg 500 Mariner Cruiser

Called Shot Defender in game, is the pump-action shotgun can be acquired in Episode 5 Part 1. It is permanently unlocked by completing Sana's, Yemen in record time. This would arguably not be considered worth it due to the weapon's horrible range - Yemen is possibly the hardest mission in the entire game to beat.

SFDM Shot Defender Screen

Armsel Protecta (SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper)

The Sweeper 12 gauge is a semi-automatic shotgun with a revolver barrel. It is used by elite Red Section shotgunners in Episode 7. Can also be found in Episode 6.
SFDM Sweeper 12-guage Screen


Calico HE

This weapon fires high explosive rounds that impact with a victim and detonate. It's unlocked by earning the fourth Survival Tactics Expert award.
SFDM Calico HE Screen

Pancor Jackhammer HE

As with the Calico, this weapon's shells explode on impact with a target. It can be acquired from the third Tactical Explosives Specialist badge.
SFDM Jackhammer HE Screen

Mk 153 Mmod 0 SMAW

Available in two forms:  the first is a standard, anti-infantry version that is unlocked by destroying every warhead in Episode 4.

The second one is an 'Anti-Tank' version with only one round per magazine to compensate for its immense power, necessitating a reload every time the weapon is fired.
SFDM SMAW Anti-Tank Screen

Milkor Multi Grenade Launcher (MGL) Mk

The MGL can be unlocked by earning the third Combat Knife Specialist badge.

Assault Rifles

Israeli MIlitary Industries Galil AR

The Galil AR  is the weapon is used by Red Section personnel during some parts of Episodes 1 and 2; it is also wielded by Jimmy Zhou security members on Bangkok rooftops.

SFDM Galil AR Screen

Colt M4A1

The Colt M4A1 is an optional weapon in Episode 2, Part 3. It can permanently be unlocked for player use if one destroys the depleted uranium containers in Episode 4 Part 3.

SFDM M4 Carbine Screen

A silenced variant of the M4A1 is acquired by scoring 10 headshots in Episode 7 Part 4.

SFDM M4 Silenced Screen

Norinco Type 56

Called the China Type 56 in game, it's used by Red Section leader White Scorpion. Unlocked by gaining the second Combat Knife Specialist badge.

SFDM Chinese Type 56 Screen


Called FAMAS in the game, this is carried by certain ZP soldiers in Episode 4. Acquired by completing Training 2 under record time.



The AK-47 is used by certain Zivmović Prijateljstvo soldiers in Episode 4. Players unlock it by scoring 25 headshots in Episode 6 Part 1.

SFDM AK-47 Screen


The Steyr AUG HBAR Automatic Rifle is seen in the hands of Red Section soldiers in Episodes 4, 5 and 6. Notably, Richard Kress brandishes one when fighting against Gabe, as do RS elites who storm the casino.

SFDM AU300 H-BAR Screen


RPK is carried by Red Section thugs in Episode 6 and 7.


Heckler & Koch G11

The Heckler & Koch G11 is used by certain 'elite' Red Section enemies, including a FCS soldier in Episode 7 Part 4. Players may acquire it by gaining the fourth Combat Knife Specialist badge.

SFDM C11 Screen

Colt M16A2

The Colt M16A2 fires in burst-shot or single-shot. Unlocked by destroying all the depleted uranium containers for Episode 4 Part 2.

SFDM M16A2 Screen

Sniper Rifles

Model 656

The Model 656 is apparently used by Mara Aramov's guards in 'Narbonne, France'. Stone refers to it as an "AR-15" but players can never acquire it. A sniper version of this rifle is available, however, called the "Stone's Rifle" (presumably in reference to Eugene Stoner). This particular weapon can be used in the aforementioned mission, and also in Sana, Yemen, a wave-defense operation that seems to recall the events of The Omega Strain.

SFDM Stone's Rifle Screen

Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova (Dragunov SVD)

The SVD Dragunov is used by Red Section and Peruvian War Revolutionary Council soldiers.
SFDM Dragunov SVD Screen

Barrett M82A1M

The Barrett M82A1 fires a shot that penetrates directly through body armour. The downsides are the need for accuracy and its sluggish firing rate. Found in Episodes 6 and 7; the player can unlock it by gaining the third Tactical Combat Specialist badge.

SFDM M82 BFG Screen

Heckler and Koch MSG90 (MB-150)

The second default weapon for Gabe Logan is a sniper rifle designated the 'MB-150' , which can never be dropped unless the game script calls for it. This particular weapon fires 6mm shots as well as 'darts', and the player is at no point able to swap it, release it from Gabe or otherwise get rid of it but there are two instances where the firearm is lost from one's inventory. The first is when Touchstone clobbers Gabe and uses the weapon against himself, and the second is when the rifle is accidentally thrown over a balcony in Gabe's attempt to evade an ambush in Bangkok. The weapon mostly seems to resemble the "C8 rifle" introduced in The Omega Strain, which was in fact a Heckler and Koch MSG90, despite the game description asserting it is a C8.

SFDM MB-150 Screen

VSS Vintorez

Just as Gabe's second default weapon is the MB-150, Lian Xing is armed with the VSS Vintorez. Both are exactly similar, firing 6mm and various 'dart' rounds despite looking distinctly different.


Light Machine Guns

Fabtique Nationale M249-E2 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)

The M249 SAW can be unlocked by finishing KemSynth Tower in record time. This is a wave defense that requires Gabe to take out numerous enemies from a fixed position.
SFDM M249 SAW Screen


M67 Fragmentation Grenade

Called simply M67 grenade, this is usable through most missions. It is a lethal device that wounds and kills those caught in its blast radius.

SFDM M67 Grenade Screen

Laser Mine

These devices project a laser path to a surface opposite the mine's location. Should anybody or anything come into contact with this laser beam, the mine will set them aflame. Gabe can either shoot them to make them explode (killing any unfortunate person close to the mine), or diffuse them and use them in his own ambush.

They can be found in Episodes 2, 4, 5 and 6.
SFDM Laser Mine Screen

EMP Grenade

The electro-magnetic pulse grenade emit a powerful blast that engulfs - and promptly shuts down - any unprotected electronic equipment within the blast radius, including the player's various goggles, an enemy's EM armour suit and more. They can be found in the multiplayer training mission
SFDM EMP Grenade Screen

Composite 4

C4 can be used only by Lian in Episode 2, Part 1.

SFDM C4 Screen


Generic Flamethrower

In a callback to the original Syphon Filter's fight with Anton Girdeux in Freedom Memorial, Red Jack is seen armed with a general-purpose fire whip, as is another unnamed Red Section grunt, both of whom Gabe has the distinct bad luck of encountering in gameplay. Fortunately for him, the weapon's weaknesses are exactly as that which Girdeux bore: shooting the fuel tanks on one's back would detonate the weapon and kill the user from immolation.

SFDM Flame Thrower Screen

General Electrics M-134 Minigun

The M134 appear on the last bonus mission carried by the last Zhou's thug. When equipped, it has the same effect as it did on Ryusaki: it will slow the user's movement to a sluggish pace.

SFDM M-134 Minigun Screen


E.D.T. / E.P.D.D.





Paintball Guns

Generic Paintball Gun

SFDM Paintball Gun Screen

Generic Paintball Rifle

SFDM Paintball Rifle Screen

Gadgets and Equipment

Infra Red Googles (IR)

In Dark Mirror the IRs scopes like that on the Omega Strain's DSC-1 Thermal are no longer available, but players acquire the thermal googles. They operate exactly like the aforementioned DSC-1. In the case of enemies, these googles are very useful, because users can find them even when hiding.

SFDM IR goggles Screen

Night Vision Googles (NV)

The alternative to the P.I.D.. Unlike Omega Strain, in Dark Mirror you can have it in your inventory all the time. They allow you to stealthily approach enemies from behind in pitch blackness, but an enemy shining a torchlight at a user will blind the NV-wearing individual for a few seconds.

SFDM NV goggles Screen

Electronic Device Sensing Unity Googles (EDSU)

These fictional googles, as the name suggest, find metallic devices. These are also very useful for find hidden evidences. Every object that you can interact is highlighted in yellow.

SFDM EDSU goggles Screen

Personal Illumination Device (PID)

In Dark Mirror the P.I.D. is much less useful, due to the always usable Night Vision googles. The main purpose of this gadget is to let the Private Janzen to cross toxic-filled pits in Episode 4, Part 2.


Rapid Traversal Line (RTL)

In Dark Mirror the Rapid Traversal Line (RTL) allows the player to make a two-way traversal over short distances.


Med Kit

Dark Mirror is the only Syphon Filter game that allow to heal you with a med kit. In fact the health-regeneration mechanic was missing from the first 4 games until Dark Mirror. In Logan's Shadow a new system is implemented whereby players who take cover when their health is low can regenerate health as long as they do not come under attacks while HP regenerates. The med kit restore the 100% of the health and be found often. In multiplayer it used to heal your teammates.

SFDM Med Kit Screen

Fire Extinguisher

The fire extinguisher can be found only in the Episode 3. This is necessary for a hidden evidence in the Part 2 and if you destroy the canister opposite Gabe in Part 1 when he first begins. Despite having infinite ammunition, extra rounds can be collected from a new fire extinguisher if the player already has one in their inventory.

SFDM Fire Extinguisher Screen

Flak Jacket

SFDM Flak Jacket Screen


Hidden Evidence

SFDM Hidden Evidence Screen

Security Card

This card can open high level security doors in Episode 1, Part 1.

SFDM Security Card Screen

B1 Keycard

SFDM B1 Keycard Screen

Elevator Key

This key is found in Episode 1, Part 3 and is essential to complete the level.

SFDM Elevator Key Screen

Freeman's Server Code

SFDM Freeman's Server Code Screen

Locker Key

SFDM Locker Key Screen

KemSynth Data Drive

SFDM KemSynth Data Drive Screen

Transponder Keycard

SFDM Transponder Keycard Screen

Maintenance Key

SFDM Maintenance Key Screen

Security Card (Gas Room)

Found only in Episode 2, Part 3.

SFDM Security Card (Gas Room) Screen

Yavlinsky's Fingerprint

Essential to complete Episode 5, Part 1. You can obtain it in the Viktor's suite in two different places: one on a glass and the other on a typewriter.

SFDM Yavlinsky’s Fingerprint Screen

Security Keycard

Unlike the security card, this is specific to enter to the Ottokar Hall.

SFDM Security Keycard Screen

MI6 Recording Device

Installed by Maggie Powers' agents in Episode 5, Part 2. There are some in a room with fingerprint scanner and the other in the Ottokar Hall. These are three: one on a statue, one on a pool table and the last on the bar.

SFDM MI6 Recording Device Screen

Security Card (TransEuroTram)

SFDM Security Card (TransEuroTram) Screen

AIT Security Keycard (Red Section headquarter)

SFDM AIT Security Keycard Screen

AIT Security Keycard (Station)

SFDM AIT Security Keycard (Station) Screen

Key to Zhou's Room

SFDM Key to Zhou's Room Screen

Heavy Weaponry


SFDM Turret Screen

Multiplayer Exclusives


Glock G-17

SFDM G-17 Screen


SFDM Ripper Screen


Franchi SPA-12 (Browning Over-Under)

SFDM SPA-12 Screen

Sawed-Off Shotgun

SFDM Sawed-Off Shotgun Screen



SFDM M79 Screen

Assault Rifles

Heckler & Koch G3A3

SFDM 33 SC-1 Screen

Colt M16K

SFDM M16K Screen

TripBar / Ramat

SFDM TripBar Screen
SFDM Ramat Screen

Sniper Rifles

Heckler and Koch MSG90

SFDM C8 Rifle Screen

Heckler and Koch PSG-1 Thermal

SFDM DSC-1 Thermal Screen

Colt AR-15

SFDM AR-15 Screen

Zastava SG-76

SFDM Stava SG-76 H-BAR Screen

Light Machine Guns

M60 / M60 E-3

SFDM M60 Screen
SFDM M60 E-3 Screen


Anti-Personnel Mine

SFDM Anti-personnel mine Screen

M18A1 Claymore Mine

SFDM Claymore Mine Screen

M18A1 Claymore Mine Trigger

This trigger appears when Claymore Mine is installed. It also used in Training 4 level.

SFDM Claymore Mine Trigger Screen

X34 Nerve Agent

The X34 appear also as grenade in the multiplayer.

SFDM X34 Nerve Agent Screen

AN/M8 Smoke Grenade

Used to disorientate the enemy.

SFDM Smoke Grenade Screen

Fictional XM-84D Flashbang

Similar purpose to the smoke grenade, but this temporarily stuns the enemy.

SFDM Flashbang Grenade Screen

Gadgets and Equipment

Agency Zip Line (AZL)

In Dark Mirror the Agency Zip Line (AZL) allows the player to make a one-way traversal over great distances.

SFDM Agency Zip Line Screen

Medium Med Kit

Medium Med Kit is used to heal your teammates.

SFDM Medium Med Kit Screen

Large Med Kit

Large Med Kit is used to heal your teammates.

SFDM Large Med Kit Screen


Detonator Code

Description need to be added.

SFDM Detonator Code Screen


Description need to be added.

SFDM Rogue Screen

Valve Control Wrench

Description need to be added.

SFDM Valve Control Wrench Screen

Retinal Imprinter

Description need to be added.

SFDM Retinal Imprinter Screen

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