Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow is a third-person shooter stealth video game developed by SCE Bend Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2. It is the sixth and final game in the Syphon Filter series.

General overview

Following the convention initiated in Dark Mirror, weapons are split into six distinct categories:

  • Pistols
  • Submachine guns
  • A long gun carried on the back, which includes various rifles, carbines, machine guns, shotguns and launchers
  • Knives and tasers
  • Grenades
  • A 'special' weapon

Unlike The Omega Strain, a player is unable to drop a weapon. The only method to get rid of a specific firearm is to swap it out for another one in a corresponding category.

There is only ever one knife, the K-BAR, which all players begin with in single player regardless of mission (bar missions where Gabe gets captured). The slot for this is locked in with the taser, which may be the EDT, or the longer-range EPDD: the latter is unlockable in mission mode, but in story mode players can only use the former. This means that the knife, taser and 'bare hands' all share the same hard-point, and tapping the appropriate button will switch between the three weapons.

There is also a dual-wield ability that can be used in mission mode, which doubles both the amount of ammunition and the firepower that a player possesses for pistols. These two abilities were first introduced in The Omega Strain.

As the player earns more career ratings, they will unlock extra ammunition for the 'special' weapon, an MB-150 sniper rifle, which initially starts out with three specific 'darts': explosive, gas and EDT. Players will only have 3 of each dart type, making a total of 9 darts in story mode (and mission mode), but they can have a maximum of 30 darts in the latter when all the ammunition bonuses are achieved. The extra ammo ability is mandatory in order to achieve all the required dart kills on certain missions. Scoring all the dart kills in the entire game, in turn, allows players to unlock a bonus mission. Bonus missions will then contain Hidden Evidence, and when collected in a single episode, Hidden Evidence will unlock special files for that specific episode.

Single Player


Heckler & Koch Mark 23 SD

This is Gabe's default pistol, with an integral suppressor that can never be removed. All the story missions begin with it unless there is underwater combat, or unless Gabe is captured (as in Episode 4 Part 1). However, the weapon can be re-acquired from the equipment room.

SFLS Mark 23 SD Screen

Israeli Military Industries Jericho 941R

The IMI Jericho 941 is available in Episode 5, held by low-ranking al-Jamil grunts during the storming of Bitar's cave base.
SFLS Jerico-41 Screen

Fabrique Nationale Five seveN

The Five Seven can be acquired by beating Training 1 within the record time.
SFLS SP-57 Screen

Makarov PM

The Makarov can be found on the expendable Episode 1 al-Jamil/ Somali pirate enemies.
SFLS Makarov Screen

Israeli MIlitary Industries Desert Eagle Mark XIX

Like the two previous games, the IMI Desert Eagle appears in all of the three Action Express calibers: .357, .44 and .50.

The .357 is used by various elite al-Jamil commandos in Episode 6, the .44 can be unlocked by earning the third Stealth Combat Specialist award and the .50 can only be used online. The second of these weapons is automatically silenced - as with the Mark 23 - however, the silencer is completely missing in the inventory's image of the pistol. This nevertheless does not affect its damage output in any sense whatsoever, and the weapon can still be used to precisely "snipe" enemies from a long distance.

SFLS Desert Sniper .357 Screen
SFLS Silenced .44 Screen

CZ 75 Auto

The CZ 75 can be found on Spetsnaz soldiers during Episode 3.
SFLS CZ Mach-9 Screen

Intratec TEC-9

The Tek-9 is a machine pistol that can toggle between single-shot, three-round bursts and fully automatic. A silenced version can be found by earning the first Stealth Combat Specialist badge, and the un-silenced model is used by Spetsnaz security personnel in Episode 4.
SFLS TK-9 Screen
SFLS TK-9 Silenced Screen

Sawed-Off Pistol

This is essentially a sawed-off shotgun with its barrel cut down to increase lethality at close quarters, although this naturally renders it useless at long range. It is acquired from the first Survival Tactics Expert badge.
SFLS Sawed-Off Pistol Screen

Glock 17

The Glock 17 can be found in the hands of Spetsnaz naval soldiers in the St. Helens.
SFLS G-17 Screen

Submachine Guns

Ingram MAC-10 (Military Armanent Corporation)

The MAC-10 is used by elite Spetsnaz personnel in Episode 2.
SFLS MAK-10 9mm Screen

SITES Spectre M4

This can be found from al-Jamil grunts in Episode 1.
SFLS Spectre Screen

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

The MP5A3 is found in Episodes 1 and 2.
SFLS MDS A3 Screen

Heckler & Koch MP5A4

A silenced MP5A4 is achieved from the second Stealth Combat Specialist rating.
SFLS MDS A4 Silenced Screen

Heckler & Koch UMP .45

The UMP .45 can be found on Spetsnaz members in Episode 4, and on Bitar's inner circle in Episode 5.
SFLS UNP .45 Screen

Fabrique Nationale P90

This can be used in Episode 6, and is unlocked by claiming the third Combat Knife Specialist award.
SFLS SSP 90 Screen


Benelli M1 Super 90

The M1 can be found from some al-Jamil members in Episode 1, and on Spetsnaz prison guards in Episode 4.
SFLS M1 Super 90 Screen

Daewoo Precision Industries USAS-12 (Universal Sporting Automatic Shotgun)

The USAS-12 returns as an automatic assault shotgun, which can be temporarily acquired from Episode 5 terrorists. It is unlocked by earning the second Tactical Explosives Specialist badge.
SFLS USAS-12 Screen

Winchester Model 1300

The Model 1300 is found on Spetsnaz personnel in Episode 4.
SFLS Shot Defender Screen

Armsel Striker/Armsel Protecta (SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper)

This shotgun can temporarily be acquired from a box in the dam during Episode 6.
SFLS Sweeper 12-guage Screen


Calico HE

This releases HE rounds which explode on impacting with a surface. The scope was previously first seen on the "C8 rifle" from The Omega Strain. It is unlocked by earning the last Survival Tactics Expert rating.
SFLS Calico HE Screen

Pancor Jackhammer HE

As with the Calico, it fires 12 gauge shells that detonate when they hit a target. Acquired from the third Tactical Explosives Specialist badge.
SFLS Jackhammer HE Screen

Mk 153 Mod 0 SMAW

The SMAW, unlike The Omega Strain, is now an AI-controlled weapon and cannot be used by the player. It is seen held by an al-Jamil goon who downs Alima's copter in Episode 1 Part 2, and is also used by anti-vehicular thugs loyal to Bitar in Episode 5, in an attempt to damage (and eventually destroy) a main battle tank which escorts Gabe to the terrorist's cave entrance.
SFLS SMAW Anti-Tank Screen

Milkor Multi Grenade Launcher (MGL) Mk

This weapon can be found in the bonus mission "Left Behind", which seems to depict a cut part of the previous game in which Gabe would travel on a train to stop Singularity from releasing the Dark Mirror nerve gas all over Europe.

Assault Rifles

Israeli MIlitary Industries Galil AR

The IMI Galil can be used in Episode 1.
SFLS Galil AR Screen

Colt M4A1

Two versions of the M4A1 exist. The first can be used in Episodes 1 and 2, while the second is suppressed and can be unlocked by achieving the second Survival Tactics Expert badge.
SFLS M4 Carbine Screen
SFLS M4 Silenced Screen

Norinco Type 56

The Type 56 can be acquired from the second Combat Knife Specialist badge. It is also temporarily found from certain al-Jamil goons on the way to Bitar's bunker.
SFLS Chinese Type 56 Screen


Unlocked by completing Training 2 in record time. Also found in Episode 2. Fires in single shot or three-rounds, but cannot use fully automatic fire.

Automatic Kalashnikov 1947 (AK-47)

The AK-47 can be found in Episode 3, where Russian henchmen conduct genocidal massacres within the populace of Azerbaijan, killing both civilians and armed personnel indiscriminately. It is also later seen in the hands of Bitar's thugs when assaulting the terrorist's bunker.
SFLS AK-47 Screen


The AUG HBAR can be used during a bonus mission set on a level which was cut from Dark Mirror - the premise being that Singularity escaped from the AIT headquarters and Gabe was supposed to stop him on a train. It is used by the elite enemies, and is also used during Episode 3 as well as 4, in the hands of Russian armed forces.
SFLS AU300 H-BAR Screen


This can be found in a box in Episode 6.

Heckler & Koch G11

The G11 is earned from the third Combat Knife Specialist badge. It can temporarily be found on the high-ranking al-Jamil engineers who wear the infamous electro-magnetic armour in Episode 6.
SFLS C11 Screen


This weapon can be found during the mission "Left Behind", and in Episode 3, where some Azerbaijani defense forces carry it.

Colt M16K

The M-16K returns in Logan's Shadow, although it can never be picked up. Rather, it is used by certain NPCs at various points. Trinidad is armed with it during Episode 3, and Margaret Powers also uses it in Episode 4. Strangely, both characters seem to have conjured it from thin air, given the fact that Trinidad somehow pulls it out her ass after she is clearly seen armed only with a knife in the mission where she fires it. Similarly, Maggie magically has it, despite the fact that she was imprisoned and thus would have no items on her whatsoever.
SFLS M16K Screen

Over Under

This weapon is new to the Syphon Filter world. Essentially an M16 with the M203 grenade launcher. The M16 can fire only in 3 round bursts and the grenades explodes on impact with anything, killing those too close to the blast radius, including Gabe himself. It's the only weapon ever seen in Syphon Filter with a functional grenade launcher attached to the weapon. It is unlocked with the second Combat Sharp Shooter badge.

SFLS Over Under Screen

Steyr Advanced Combat Rifle (ACR)

The Advanced Combat Rifle appears in Logan's Shadow, but can't be unlocked and is used in one mission, wherein Surgei Kudrenko fires it in his duel with Gabe in Episode 4.

ACR Render

Sniper Rifles

SVD Dragunov

The SVD can be used in Episode 4, Part 2 when Maggie Powers helps Gabriel Logan to kill enemies from a sniping position. It's also fired by Trinidad in "Lian's First Time" and "Shadowed".

SFLS Dragunov SVD Screen

Barrett M82

The M82 is used by an al-Jamil sniper in Episode 6. It can be unlocked permanently by earning all the Combat Sharpshooter awards.
SFLS M82 BFG Screen

Heckler and Koch MSG90 (MB-150)

Gabe Logan begins most missions with two firearms, one of them being the "MB-150" which seems to resemble the "C8 rifle" first introduced in The Omega Strain, where it had a 50-round magazine which allowed it to serve both as an assault and sniper rifle. It also had a unique red scope. In Logan's Shadow, the weapon's ammunition falls into two categories: a normal 6mm sniping round, and a variety of darts which can be triggered at the user's discretion. The darts, in turn, fall into three distinct types: the explosive, gas and taser darts. Each time the player uses this weapon, there are a total of 9 darts (3 ammunition for each dart category). However, an ammo bonus can be unlocked, which allows a maximum of 30 darts (which means there are 10 darts of each category). The weapon belongs to the "Special" category, and is the only weapon that exists for that category.
SFLS MB-150 Screen

Light Machine Guns

Fabtique Nationale M249-E2 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)

The M249-E2 can be used in Episode 3, where Spetsnaz gunners are picking off Azerbaijani resistance members with it, and also in Episode 5, where heavy-duty al-Jamil men ambush the tank convoy that accompanies Gabe to Bitar's bunker.
SFLS M249 SAW Screen


The M60 is available in Episode 5, in the hands of gunner-type al-Jamil goons.
SFLS M60 Screen


M67 Fragmentation Grenade

The M67 can be used in almost any episode. It explodes 3 seconds after detonation. Unlike its counterpart in Call of Duty games, which allowed players to "return" an explosive to the original owner (provided that the grenade was not "cooked"), it is impossible to throw back a grenade. ("Cooking" a grenade is the technique of pulling the grenade's pin and holding onto it until it is about to explode, then tossing it at an enemy; this essentially allowed players to precisely bombard an objective area in the open, or clear a room filled with camping enemies)
SFLS M67 Grenade Screen

Model 7290T Flashbang Grenade

The flashbang is a non-lethal grenade that renders enemies temporarily unable to react to attacks through, as its name suggests, a combination of a blinding flash and a deafening bang. While it is theoretically intended to neutralise a threat by allowing attackers to move in with a taser or perhaps to place the victim in a strangle-hold without actually killing him or her, this has obviously been rendered null in Logan's Shadow given the fact that the taser can no longer "stun" enemies in a non-lethal manner. (In some Call of Duty games it has a cousin known as the "9-bang", which similarly operates by releasing a series of ear-deafening bangs, but no flashes). The player can avoid being blinded by looking in the opposite direction of the grenade, much as the case was in The Omega Strain.
SFLS Flashbang Grenade Screen

Smoke Grenade

The smoke grenade can be used in some episodes, and as it did in The Omega Strain, temporarily blinds enemies allowing the player to slip past them if they so wish, or employ another attack method.
SFLS Smoke Grenade Screen

Laser Mine

This is a device that, when planted, projects a laser beam which goes to a point opposite the planted mine. Should an enemy make contact with the beam, it will explode inflicting massive amounts of damage.
SFLS Laser Mine Screen

Composite 4

SFLS C-4 Explosive Screen


E.D.T. / E.P.D.D.





Paintball Guns

Paintball Gun

SFLS Paintball Gun Screen

Underwater Weapons

SG-10 Bolt Pistol

A pistol with an operating mechanism similar to the SG-75, but it fires single shots. However, it can be dual-wielded if the ability is unlocked. Can be used both on land and in water, but it functions best during submerged firefights. The player will automatically begin with it in Episode 2 Part 4 (Drowning), and can acquire extra rounds from enemies.

SFLS SG-10 Bolt Pistol Screen

SG-75 Bolt Gun

This is an auxiliary weapon that acts like a SMG, but can be used underwater. Although it's also possible to fire it during regular combat on land, it is a horrid choice should the player have other weapons that discharge bullets (such as the UMP .45, the MDS A3, or the Spectre). It has three fire modes: single shot, three round bursts and full auto. Only seen in underwater levels in single-player. Enemies will have it as well, and the player can collect extra ammunition from them.

SFLS SG-75 Bolt Gun Screen

RD-9 Speargun

This is a back weapon that act as a single shot sniper rifle. As with the Bolt Gun it can be used outside of water, albeit it is a terrible option especially if the player has bullet-firing firearms (which is precisely what they can choose in the land-based missions where the RD-9 is available). As with a normal sniper rifle, its main disadvantage is the small magazine capacity, and thus, total capacity. However, it also has a scope for precision marksmanship. In single-player it is only seen in the underwater missions Episode 2 Part 1 (What Lies Below) and Episode 2 Part 4 (Drowning). A diver in Episode 6 Part 1 (The Long Descent) is armed with this but it can never be used.

SFLS RD-9 Speargun Screen

Gadgets and Equipment

Infra Red Googles (IR)

SFLS IR goggles Screen

Night Vision Googles (NV)

SFLS NV goggles Screen

Electronic Device Sensing Unity Googles (EDSU)

These fictional googles, as the name suggest, find metallic devices. These are also very useful for find hidden evidences. Every object that you can interact is highlighted in yellow.

SFLS EDSU goggles Screen

Personal Illumination Device (PID)


Rapid Traversal Line (RTL)

In Logan's Shadow the Rapid Traversal Line (RTL) allows the player to make a two-way traversal over short distances.


Agency Zip Line (AZL)

In Logan's Shadow the Agency Zip Line (AZL) allows the player to make a one-way traversal over great distances.

SFLS Agency Zip Line Screen

Flak Jacket

SFLS Flak Jacket Screen


Hidden Evidence

Found in practically every level. If collected in an Episode you will unlock the locked files of that Episode. In some bonus missions these can be acquired by completing specific actions.

SFLS Hidden Evidence Screen

Blasting Caps

This is used in Episode 2, Part 2 to blast the metallic doors.

SFLS Blasting Caps Screen

Control Valve

Used by Gabe in Episode 2, Part 4 to fix Bishop's minisub.

SFLS Control Valve Screen

Maximum Security Keys

SFLS Maximum Security Keys Screen


Must be used to control water spillways in Bitar's Dam.

SFLS Keycard Screen

Security Keycard (Lift)

SFLS Security Keycard (Lift) Screen

Security Keycard (Charge Room)

SFLS Security Keycard (Charge Room) Screen

Heavy Weaponry


SFLS Turret Screen

Multiplayer Exclusives


Desert Eagle Mark XIX

SFLS Express .50 Screen


Sawed-Off Shotgun

SFLS Sawed-Off Shotgun Screen



SFLS M79 Screen

Mk 153 Mod 0 SMAW


Assault Rifles


SFLS Ramat Screen

Sniper Rifles

C8 Rifle

SFLS C8 Rifle Screen

DSC-1 Thermal

SFLS DSC-1 Thermal Screen

Colt AR-15

SFLS AR-15 Screen

Light Machine Guns

M60 E-3

SFLS M60 E-3 Screen


EMP Grenade

SFLS EMP Grenade Screen

Anti-Personnel Mine

SFLS Anti-personnel Mine Screen

X34 Nerve Agent

SFLS X34 Nerve Agent Screen

M61 Fragmentation Grenade

SFLS M61 Grenade Screen

Incendiary Grenade

SFLS Incendiary Grenade Screen

Bouncing Betty Mine

SFLS Bouncing Betty Mine Screen

Sticky Mine

SFLS Sticky Mine Screen



SFLS Flame Thrower Screen

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