Syphon Filter 3 is a third-person shooter stealth video game developed by SCE Bend Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation. It is the third game in the Syphon Filter series.


Glock 17

The Glock 17, "9mm" in the game, is used in most missions.

SF3 9mm Screen

Glock 17 Silenced

This is version of Glock 17 with the suppressor, called "Silenced 9mm" in the game.

SF3 Silenced 9mm Screen

Ether the Glock's trigger guard is filled in, or that is an extremely long trigger. Choose one.

Colt M1911A1

The last time that we see the .45 is the intermediate non-automatic pistol in terms of caliber.

SF3 .45 Screen

Note the relief cuts above the magazine release, identifying the gun as a M1911A1 and not a M1911.

Desert Eagle Mark XIX

Called Falcon in the game, this is a very powerful pistol, capable of one shot, one kill against almost every unarmoured opponent. It marks the first appearance of the Desert Eagle in the franchise.

SF3 Falcon .50 Screen

Machine Pistols

Glock 18

The last official appearance in the Syphon Filter series (in Omega Strain is a beta weapon), is a fully automatic pistol used in the last two levels by Aramov's thugs. Can kill an armoured enemy in a short time.

SF3 G-18 Screen

All images of the trilogy's G-18 (within the equipment menu) erroneously show the pistol with its slide locked back, indicating that it is empty. This may have been done for aesthetic reasons. In real life, the Glock 18 does not have any significant design differences (aside from a cut in the slide and a select-fire switch) from the Glock 17, which serves as the direct inspiration for Gabe's most well-known weapon, the Silenced 9mm, so the gun was probably intentionally displayed like this to avoid confusion.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5SD

The MP5 returns as a standard MP5 and not as a MP5K like the original Syphon Filter. Is the last time this is called "HK5". From Omega Strain onwards, it is designated the "MDS".

SF3 HK-5 Screen

Heckler & Koch MP5SD Silenced

This is version of Heckler & Koch MP5SD with silencer.

SF3 HK-5 Silenced Screen

Izmash PP Bizon

The BIZ-2 in game is a 2 Player mode exclusive weapon.

SF3 BIZ-2 Screen

Sa. Vz.61 Skorpion

The Vz.61 Skorpion is referred to as the "SPYDER" and is practically the best weapon of the game. In fact, it can kill every unarmoured enemy with only one bullet. Its magazine capacity is incorrect; it holds 20 bullets and a real life version has 32 rounds.

SF3 Spyder Skorpion Screen

Exactly WHY this weapon was so damn overpowered in the game is never explained, though it is almost certainly a reference to Goldeneye 007's NOTORIOUSLY useless Klobb, which was called the "Spyder" during that game's development. Fortunately, the weapon is never available in multiplayer.


Called MARS in the game, this is a very powerful weapon used only in the Senate Building level by Aramov's thugs.

SF3 Mars Screen

Assault Rifles

Colt M16A2

Replace the M16A1 seen in the previous games. The game version can do full auto bursts, while the real word M16A2 can't.

SF3 M-16 Screen


An unknown weapon named "K3G4" is available during certain missions. Though considered a 'rifle', it is held one-handed. It fires so-called 'Teflon' rounds that penetrate armoured enemies, permitting their deaths without headshots. Bizarrely, enemies drop their flak jackets upon death, so it is possible to kill them with this weapon AND still replenish one's armour.

SF3 K3G4 Screen


The Syphon Filter 3 PK-102 is now modeled like a real word AK-47, but in the game manual is still the previous two games model.

SF3 PK-102 Screen

Heckler & Koch G11

Called H11 in game, can be found during Lian's trip to Aztec Ruins and also available when Gabe hunts down Mara Aramov. It's incorrectly classed as a sniper rifle likely due to its custom scope view, but still handles like an assault rifle due to its blisteringly high rate of fire. The Syphon Filter 3 G11 is the last game where the weapon is so named, because from Omega Strain onwards it's called C11.

SF3 H11 Screen

Steyr AUG

Lian Xing can procure the Steyr AUG weapon during Kabul, Afghanistan and in St George, Australia. It has a fictional 'X-ray' scope that can apparently cut into walls and let users view any hidden targets. Gabe Logan can use it in the final level, when Gabe confronts Aramov in the subway, and is needed to safely neutralize her without harming her hostage. Called AU300 in game and can shoot only in single shot. A reference to the "Die Hard" movie series, from which the game draws some inspiration.

SF3 AUG Assault Rifle, Silenced Screen

The scope on the Steyr AUG appears to be mounted higher than it is in real life.

Sniper Rifles

SIG SG 550

The SIG SG 550, called simply sniper rifle in game, is equal to the Syphon Filter 2 counterpart, with an ultra-hi-tech scope. There is also a non-silenced version, but available only via GameShark cheat.

SF3 Sniper Rifle Silenced Screen

SVD Dragunov

Once again the Dragunov appear as the nightvision sniper.

SF3 Nightvision Rifle Screen


Mossberg 500 Compact Cruiser

The classic shotgun from the previous two games, returns also in Syphon Filter 3 as the 12 gauge shotgun.

SF3 Shotgun Screen

Daewoo USAS-12 CQ

One of the signature weapon of Syphon Filter, the USAS-12, can be used in the game; it firstly appears in 'C5 Galaxy' when Gabe takes matters into his own hands and tries to exact revenge on behalf of Ellis during Erich Rhoemer's escape from the Costa Rican plantation. He ends up doing a similar thing to what he did to Jason Chance in the previous game: use an automatic shotgun to drive Rhoemer out from the cargo bay. The weapon can be acquired again in 'Aztec Ruins' but due to the presence of the G11 and various other rifles, it is somewhat less useful, but still invaluable thanks to the ruins' abundance of tight corridors. This is the last time the weapon is called the UAS-12. Its magazine capacity is wrong at 12 rounds in-game.

SF3 UAS-12 Screen

Note the lack of a front sight, indicating this is a USAS-12 CQ.

Franchi SPAS-15

Usable in Hotel Fakushima if the purple T-shirt guy survives, and is also seen in the Waterfront.. This is arguably the most dangerous weapon in game because of its explosive shells combined with its fully automatic firing rate. The weapon is also usable in multiplayer. In game, it's called the MIL-15.

SF3 MIL-15 Shotgun Screen

Bizarrely loaded with 'fragmentation' rounds that explode on contact, making an already overpowered weapon even more damaging. The weapon is even available in MULTIPLAYER, and the idea of an automatic mini-grenade launcher with pin-point accuracy that can kill you with a single hit is as overpowered as it sounds.

Heckler & Koch Close Assault Weapons System

The CAWS is an 2 Players exclusive weapon. Called MAKS in game. This automatic shotgun is perhaps considered the "USAS-12" of the 2 Player mode.

SF3 Maks Screen


Tru Flite 37mm Super Long Range Gas Gun

As the previous games, the M-79 is a Tru Flite 37mm Super Long Range Gas Gun, that in real world can't launch grenades. In 2 Players mode if a player has 200% armour, this requires 2 shots for kill, also if is a headshot.

SF3 M-79 Screen

DefTech 37mm Launcher

A DefTech 37mm launcher, called simply tear gas launcher, can be used. Oddly, the maximum number of rounds that can be carried is 5, so it cannot even fully load the 6-round cylinder. The weapon only appeared in Aztec Ruins level.

SF3 Tear Gas Launcher Screen


M67 Grenade

As Syphon Filter 2, the M67 grenade is a incendiary grenade.

SF3 Grenade Screen

M7 CS Gas Grenade

A grenade containing Soman nerve gas (a chemical similar to but more toxic than Sarin, also known as GD) can be found in stealth missions. It appears to essentially be a truncated M7 CS gas grenade. It is integral to taking enemies down without sounding the alarm.

SF3 Gas Grenade Screen

C4 Explosives

Unlike previous games, the C4 is now detonated by a trigger. The C4 appear only in The Beast level.

SF3 C4 Explosives Screen


Air Taser

A general-purpose, nondescript taser is a starting weapon in every mission. The signature weapon of the series, it was possible to set enemies alight if sustained stunning was used. This convention carried over to most games in the franchise, but it was not possible to cause targets to be set aflame in certain circumstances. In the PS2 and Vita versions of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, you can't burn enemies with the Taser but in the PSP version, you can. In Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, you can't burn enemies with it. This is a version of the early taser prop seen in movies such as The Perfect Weapon and TV shows, one of which is The X-Files.

SF3 Air Taser Screen

KA-BAR Combat Knife

Simply combat knife in game, is capable to kill every enemy, including with flak jacket, with one hit.

SF3 Knife Screen


An unidentified crossbow can be used during the Pugari missions and in Paradise Ridge. Firing knockout rounds, it generally renders targets unconscious unless the player aims for one's head. The weapon has a red dot sight and a maximum capacity of five rounds.

SF3 Crossbow Screen

Gadgets and Equipment

Minefield Detector

Seen only in Costa Rica Plantation. When near to a mine, the device will emit a sound. Plus is ravvicinated, more the mine is near to Gabe. Its scope is unique. The mines will shown as max dangerous targets on the map.

SF3 Mine Detector Screen

Spy Camera

Indispensable for a objective in Kabul, Afghanistan and Australian Outback. When you make a photo, will be the sound of the shotgun.

SF3 Spy Camera Screen


This device appears only in The Beast level and used for C4 detonation.

SF3 Transponder Screen

Flak Jacket

Flak Jackets supply body protection against most firearms. You still vulnerable to head shots. Flak Jackets found in weapon crates offer full protection, while ones taking of casualties give 1/4 protection. If you kill an enemy with a body shot or explosives, his jacket became useless.

SF3 Flak Jacket Screen

Nightvision Googles

The nighvision googles will turn on the Underground Bunker mission. The NV googles in Syphon Filter 3 are the same as seen in Syphon Filter 2.

SF3 Nightvision Googles (edit)

Heavy Weaponry

Automated Turret

The player encounters these in the Costa Rican plantation, and must destroy them with grenades to proceed unscathed.

SF3 Automated Turret Screen

Unused Weapons

Hand Taser

With codes, you can access unused weapons. One of them is Hand Taser from Syphon Filter 2. It is fully usable but haven't the game model and picture, so it's "invisible".

Syphon Filter 3 NTSC-U All Weapons GameShark Code demonstration (with secret weapons)

Syphon Filter 3 NTSC-U All Weapons GameShark Code demonstration (with secret weapons)

SF2 Hand Taser (edit)

Unidentified Weapons

Generic Pistol

Generic pistol seen during the Lorelei missions.

SF3 Unknown Pistol Screen
SF3 Unknown Pistol 2 Screen

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